BGA’s Debut in India Marks an Exciting Milestone for Blockchain Gaming

On a mission to expand global awareness, the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) is delighted to have recently made its debut in India through a collaborative event with Voice of Crypto and Coinque Consulting

Held in New Delhi, this was BGA’s first local effort working towards creating awareness about web3 gaming and BGA’s mission and shedding light on the growing blockchain ecosystem in the Indian market.

Hosted by Navodaya Singh Rajpurohit, Legal Partner at Coinque Consulting, the agenda featured a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Blockchain Gaming and Ownership Rights,’ followed by a Q&A and dynamic networking session that fostered knowledge sharing and collaboration among attendees.

The event highlighted the expertise and growing interest within the Indian blockchain gaming community. Rajpurohit commented, “While this was a cozy gathering, the caliber of attendees and the depth of the discussions truly exceeded expectations.

The blockchain gaming ecosystem in New Delhi and across India is growing, characterized by innovative startups and passionate communities keen on exploring the convergence of gaming and blockchain. This vibrant landscape is rapidly evolving, promising a future where gaming is not only a form of entertainment but also a means of experiencing the transformative power of blockchain.”
Navodaya Singh Rajpurohit

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India’s web3 industry is rapidly growing due to advancements in tech, entrepreneurship, and a growing user base. As web3 opens up new opportunities, startups in India are leveraging blockchain technology to create new ways of doing things. Decentralized gaming platforms allow gamers to own blockchain-based in-game assets, gain rewards, and enable new experiences. One example of a project leveraging these benefits is Bharatbox, a joint venture by The Sandbox and Brinc, which is building India in the metaverse and enabling users to play, create, and experience India in The Sandbox. 

India also boasts a vibrant gaming community and tech-savvy population, providing the perfect environment for the adoption of web3 gaming solutions. As more young people switch to digital forms of entertainment, the demand for immersive and decentralized games will continue to grow rapidly. Communities like IndiGG, a sub-community of YGG, one of India’s largest web3 gaming communities, demonstrate the appetite to play, earn, and own digital assets. This presents the opportunity for blockchain gaming companies to drive innovation and growth within the sector and tap into a large and engaged audience.

“We are excited to collaborate on this event, which gathered the wider web3 community and brought the benefits of blockchain gaming to the forefront. India boasts one of the largest gaming demographics globally and is well-positioned to capitalize on the disruptive capabilities of blockchain technology. While the government remains cautious on the topic of blockchain, new guidelines are taking shape within the gaming industry, facilitating innovation and the implementation and future adoption of web3 games in the country. As the landscape evolves, BGA is proud to be able to support and contribute to the development of the ecosystem.”
Flavien Defraire, Director of Global Development, BGA

In light of the current environment and ecosystem advancements, BGA’s first event in India is an exciting step towards fostering collaboration and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. By partnering with local stakeholders and communities, BGA aims to pursue its mission of supporting members and unlocking global opportunities for growth.

The event highlighted the potential and excitement around the future of blockchain gaming in India. With continued collaboration and advocacy, we can establish a presence and support projects nationwide. With stakeholders joining forces to drive the conversation forward, the stage is set for BGA to impact the growth and visibility of blockchain gaming in India as the ecosystem continues to evolve.

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