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Membership is open to all individuals and organizations around the globe professionally interested in the game/blockchain industries. If you’re interested in formal membership with the BGA, please submit the expression of interest form below.

We ask that you agree to knowledge sharing within our community and participation in our Working Groups where possible.
You can be part of the network on an individual basis, or apply on your company’s behalf. The BGA board carefully reviews each application, then contacts applicants with further instructions.


As an organization, the Blockchain Game Alliance needs financing to sustain and develop its activities.
If you believe that the BGA is helpful, and would like to be part of our great adventure, please find the features and pricing on the table below.

The funds will mainly allow the BGA to have one employee full time. A budget will also be allocated to various expenses: flight tickets & accomodation for events, web development to sustain & improve the BGA website, graphic designs when needed, etc.

BGA Membership Tiers

Individual Membership

100 / Yearly
For individuals working professionally in the video game & blockchain industry
  • BGA association voting rights
  • Discord & Telegram Access
  • Working Group Access
  • Member exclusive Newsletters
  • Member-exclusive offers and discounts
  • Participation in OMA3 projects*
  • Invites to all events organized by the BGA
+ Individual

BASIC Membership

500 / Yearly
For start-ups and small companies
  • Company exclusive offers and discounts (events, early access or exclusive to sales or games etc)
  • Inclusion in Company Directory
  • Company news in Weekly Newsletter
+ Basic

Silver Sponsorship

5,000 / Yearly
For entreprise businesses, services companies, and all companies wishing to sponsor the BGA
  • Priority listing in the company directory
  • Priority in Weekly Newsletter
  • Branding at events, BGA Magazine, BGA Academy
  • 1 entry per year of membership in private member newsletter
  • Logo on the front page of website
  • Priority for speaking opportunities: online panels, BGA meetups, conferences
  • 1 Ad placement within the BGA Monthly Magazine (printed / online)
  • Mentions in Tweets
+ Silver

Gold Sponsorship

15k / Yearly
For all companies wishing to sponsor the BGA
  • Higher priority than Silver in the company directory
  • Higher priority than Silver Priority in Weekly Newsletter
  • 2 entries per year of membership in private member newsletter
  • 2 Ad placements within the BGA Monthly Magazine (printed / online)
  • Priority in organising Working Group
  • First opportunity for sponsorships and 10% discount
  • Sponsor Section in public & private newsletter
  • Exclusive Gold Member Showcase Session (Youtube)
  • One dedicated episode on the Podcast
  • 1 to 1 Introductions

*BGA x OMA3: Working Toward Interoperability in the Metaverse

Exclusive Partnership

providing an exciting opportunity for BGA members to participate in OMA3 projects

Work on the standardization of infrastructure

Enabling the user-owned and interoperable Metaverse.

join OMA3’s Working Groups

Portaling and Mapping Working Group
(PMWG)Asset Transfer Working Group (ATWG)
and NFT Working Group (NFTWG)


Members chat tool

BGA Events accros the globe

One to one industry introductions

Represent Blockchain Game Companies

At Blockchain & Gaming related events

Online & Offline Panels

Research & Reporting​

Working groups



Advocate for Blockchain in the Gaming Industry

Educational content creation

Presentations & workshops
Our feedbacks

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Hear it from Our Members: A Compilation of Testimonials Reflecting the Experiences and Achievements within Our Vibrant Community
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The current available payment method we have for all the membership tiers are Crypto and Bank Transfer. As for now, payment with credit card is only available for Individual & Basic Company Membership.

Once your application is approved, You will be receiving the billing invoice through our accounting service Request Finance.

Absolutely. You just need to notify us by sending email to

At this time, we are unable to process refunds. We appreciate your understanding and are here to assist with any concerns you may have about our services. Thank you for your support.

We don’t offer discounts, although we are always up for a conversation and see what value we could bring to you.

Our team will review your application and Once your application is approved, You will be receiving the billing invoice for your membership through our accounting service Request Finance.

You just need to notify us by a sending message to or to the dedicated telegram group for both our team and inform us that you want to upgrade your membership into Silver Sponsorship. We’ll deduct your previous payment for your Basic Company Membership to the fee of Silver Sponsorship which means you’ll only have to pay €4,500.00 to upgrade your Basic Company Membership into Silver Sponsorship.

Once we verify and confirmed that we have received your payment, We’ll send you the onboarding email which contains the next steps to be fully involved in every BGA’s activities.

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