#8 BGA August Recap: A Summer of Milestones and Growth

As we navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming, BGA continues to pursue its path with an eventful August. From attending Europe’s largest gaming event, the first board meeting with new and honorary members, and welcoming new members to our growing family, it’s been a month full of exciting advancements.
Let’s dive into the highlights of our journey in this month’s recap.

Uncovering the Industry’s Pulse: The State of the Industry Survey Report 2023 is live!
At the heart of the blockchain gaming revolution is knowledge and our commitment to our mission to stay at the forefront is unwavering. We kicked off the annual State of the Industry survey, launched on the first day of Gamescom, which marks the commencement of gathering feedback from professionals across the blockchain gaming industry. This comprehensive report sheds light on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Feedback is crucial, so if you haven’t done so already, be part of shaping the objectives and future trajectory of the industry by filling out the survey.

Gamescom: Where the Worlds of Gaming Converged
BGA made its presence felt at Gamescom, the grand stage for all things gaming. Our team attended this mega event, hosting 19 members at the booth over three days and connecting with industry leaders and blockchain and web2 gaming professionals alike.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: 👾 Yesterday was an action-packed day, and the fun continues…

👾 Yesterday was an action-packed day, and the fun continues into the final day! We are super stoked to have so many…


We had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on web3 game design at the Multiverse Summit hosted by our new member Saga, with a great panel of speakers who offered their insights into the future of blockchain gaming. Most notably, Sebastien Borget, BGA president, shared his expertise on the VIP panel and a further panel at the Multiverse Summit.

In the spirit of community, we hosted the BGA Annual Dinner, and what a night it was! Over 60 members gathered to celebrate our shared passion for blockchain gaming. The event was a testament to the vibrant network of professionals and enthusiasts within our alliance.

For full details, you can check out the complete recap of Gamescom.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: #gaming

Last night, 60 BGA members joined our exclusive Annual Members Dinner at Gamescom 🥂 🔥 It was fantastic to bring our…


Breaking Ground in LATAM: BGA’s First Official Side Event
Expanding our network of industry professionals, we marked our first official BGA event in Latin America. Thanks to the dedication of Mariano Rubinstein from Sura Gaming and Martin Spinetto from Gamevolution, our two official LATAM representatives, our side event at ETH Argentina was a resounding success. This milestone strengthens our global presence and paves the way for further regional outreach.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: #latam

🌍✨ Embracing non-stop positivity! As BGA gears up for the excitement of Gamescom in Europe, BGA #LATAM wraps up the…


Knowledge Unleashed: Our Content Release
Throughout August, BGA continued to be a pool of knowledge and information. We released a series of insightful articles in our August magazine, keeping our community informed and engaged.

Online Activities: Fostering Connection and Innovation
New Member Presentations
Our online activities were in full swing this month. We introduced new members and their exciting projects in the New Members’ Presentation, providing a platform for innovation to thrive. Full details are available in our article here.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: Come and say Hi to our new members this FRIDAY at 4 pm CET ⌚️…

Come and say Hi to our new members this FRIDAY at 4 pm CET ⌚️ In this live stream, Nicolas Cortes Acosta | GGs.io Wayne…


Game Demo Day
August Game Demo Day allowed several members to showcase their remarkable projects, highlighting the diversity and creativity within our community. You can watch the replay or read more about it and the projects in the demo day article.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: Game Demo Day August

🎮 Demo day is here! Live today at 4 PM CET! 👀 Discover some awesome projects that will demo their games and products…


Live Panel Discussions
Gamescom Panel
We delved into discussions about blockchain gaming’s future at the largest European gaming event of the year and heard from Gamescom veterans Nick Dunham from Spielworks Alfredo Bárcena — Ready.gg, Carsten van Husen — Eleet Games, and Lenny Petterson –Antler Interactive to talk about how blockchain gaming will be received, what previous years have looked like, and how BGA and members showcasing blockchain-based products, services, and games at the booth can be present and raise awareness of the possibilities of blockchain gaming.

User Acquisition
In this panel discussion, BGA gathers its members to talk about the use of blockchain data for user acquisition, engagement, and retention in blockchain gaming. Alongside panelists Adrian Krion from Spielworks, Eric Chang from W3W, Filip Wielanie from Cookie3, and Yogev Regev from OviO, we discussed how blockchain is changing the way game companies analyze and market to specific user groups based on on-chain and off-chain data. The panel also looked at the importance of community building and interoperability within the gaming industry, touching on several aspects and the challenges and possible solutions related to privacy, security, and anonymization of user data in the context of blockchain gaming analytics. You can watch the recap here.

Board Member Meeting — Setting the Course
August also witnessed a crucial milestone in our governance. During our first new board member meeting, honorary board members welcomed our newly elected members to their roles. There was a unanimous vote for Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO at The Sandbox, to remain BGA’s President and Shaban Shaame from Everdreamsoft as BGA treasurer. His dynamic and passionate presence and unwavering commitment to blockchain gaming saw a resounding agreement to keep him at the helm of BGA. Yasmina Kazitani, CMO at Interverse.AI, is the newly appointed Secretary of the Board, contributing her expertise and dynamic energy to our leadership team.

One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was to define a clear strategy to expand BGA’s mission and activities across the globe. Our board members are enthusiastic about supporting the BGA and outlined propositions that will be reviewed at the next monthly board meeting.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: #blockchaingaming

🗳 Our recent elections & new BGA board members have been featured in Cointelegraph Magazine for our…


Welcoming New Members
The BGA family continues to grow, and this month, we welcomed new members who share our passion for blockchain gaming. Here’s a list of the talented individuals and companies who joined us in August: Sovereign NatureOne Earth RisingBlockLabsClarniumTHX Network | Techstars ’22, and Voice of Crypto as media partners.

As we wrap up this exciting summer month, we look forward to even more exciting developments and growth. As September kicks off, we are preparing for a month of activities across Asia, with our first stop at Token2049 followed by Tokyo Game Show.


Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, where innovation meets community and the future of gaming takes shape. You can stay abreast via our socials, X and Linkedin.

Until next month – Game on!

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