BGA at Token2049, One of the Headline Events of the Year!

If ever anyone doubted how buoyant the web3 space is, Token2049 proved that it is fully alive and kicking, with web3 gaming high on the agenda.

The conference saw over 7000 attendees from across the blockchain space, with many embracing gaming as a key usecase for Blockchain and providing the doorway to mass adoption.

And it was never so apparent as at the BGA booth!

Key Takeaways
Many projects within the region and beyond are seeking access to the web3 gaming community and looking to BGA activities to leverage its activities and network as a vehicle for collaboration and setting industry standards.

BGA was well-received, with many already aware of our activities and understanding of our mission to raise awareness and promote blockchain for gaming — as well as many projects within the ecosystem wanting to join the community that they see as essential for the industry’s growth.

BGA is excited about the future collaborations and contacts we made at the event, with major players in Asia looking to us to expand the global network and, similarly, US and European-based projects wanting to access the Asian market, making this event highly valuable for international projects.

The event itself saw several web3 gaming panel discussions that advanced the conversation and focused on looking into the future, with topics such as Web3 Gaming and the Path Towards an Open Metaverse, Bringing Gaming, and IP Into the Future.

The conference also saw an array of web3 dedicated side events, including some of which BGA had the pleasure of attending. Our own side event, in collaboration with Ladder, BinaryX, and ByteTrade Lab, saw over 1000 registrations.

At the booth
Over the two days, five projects showcased at the BGA booth. Earn Alliance joined us with a wheel of fortune to win prizes for their game Last Remains. Icon X World took attendees for a spin on the track with their racing game demo, Ekoios Technology showcased their product, Haechi labs with Face Wallet, and Litlabs’ Cybertitans challenged booth attendees into battle. With lots of exciting projects and interactive games, the BGA booth was buzzing with energy and visitors over the course of the conference.

From left to right: Image 1: Akshay Malhotra, Halliday & Jose Martinez, Earn Alliance. Image 2: Michael Lagodzig, Maciej Burno Reality Metaverse. Image 3: Kousei Sho, Pacific Meta & Nicolas Pouard, Ubisoft. Image 4: Alex Lim, Haechi Labs & BGA South Korea representative. Image 5: Hideaki Uehara, Square Enix. Image 6: Maude Perrin, Melanie Dow, BGA & Tam Ly, Helen Tran, Ekoios Technology. Image 7: Jonathan Behar, Icon.X World. Image 8: Han Wei Leong, aelf.

“It was an extremely wonderful time with the BGA team. We were so impressed with the scale and quality of the event. Ekoios team had the opportunity to meet and connect with great partners and friends. Besides, Ekoios’ name has been widely promoted. We are proud to be members of BGA, and it is an honor to be present at the TOKEN2049 event. We hope to have more opportunities like this to strengthen cooperation between BGA members, as well as expand our network with potential partners.”
Helen Tran, Global Account Manager — Ekoios Technology

Activities during Token2049
Coinstore Brand Launch
A day ahead of Token2049, some of the BGA members were present at the Coinstore event to take to the stage for a panel discussion. BGA board member Christina Macedo from moderated an insightful panel joined by speakers from UNIX GamingW3 Guild GamesGamee, and Algorand, who entered into an engaging discussion on the evolution of gaming and upcoming trends. My Neighbour Alice’s Ricardo Sibani also joined the stage, presenting a keynote.

GameFi Builders’ Night
Blockchain Game Alliance joined forces with LadderByteTrade LabBinary X to host a special Web3 Gaming meetup during Token2049.
GameFi Builders’ Night brought together some of the most exciting projects in blockchain gaming, who got a chance to network and meet thought leaders from gaming studios, VCs, and gaming infra providers. It offered attendees the opportunity to connect, build new partnerships, learn from industry peers, and talk about the web3 gaming projects they are working on!

From left to right: Image 1: Antoine Sarraute, Wakweli, Image 2 (top) Micah Dominguez, Wayne Marcel, Fio Protocol. Image 3 (bottom) Melanie Dow, BGA, Daniel Bronson, Metalords, Abhishek Singh, Voice of Crypto. Image 4: Event Attendees.

Pizza & Beer Gaming Night with Aethir, Helika, and Builder Capital.
A unique networking event hosted by AethirHelika, and Builder Capital during the Token2049 conference brought together industry professionals to network and discuss the blockchain gaming industry.

NFTVerse: Uniting Builders
An event hosted by Liteflow, co-sponsored by Wert and Bitwave, aimed to explore the forefront of NFT use cases, immersing attendees in enlightening discussions and forging connections with industry leaders.

NFTverse invited several key speakers, including BGA president Sebastien Borget, who presented the BGA to talk about our mission to raise awareness of blockchain gaming, support ecosystem players to collaborate and outline our activities and events, as well as other keynotes from Animoca Brands, LiteLink, Grease Monkey Games and Indorse took to the floor to talk on related topics.

From left to right: Image 1: Ryan Mcnutt, Sphere One, Lucas Costa Guimaraes, N-Suite, Maude Perrin, BGA, Megan Eldridge, Bitwave, Melanie Dow, BGA, Leah Callon Butler & Nathan Smale, Emfarsis. Image 2: Sebastien Borget, BGA President and COO at The Sandbox.

“Our experience with BGA and their support during Token2049 was truly memorable! We explored exciting opportunities within the BGA community, forged strong connections with their team, and met visionary Web3 builders. We proudly hosted, in partnership with BGA, the inaugural edition of NFTVerse: Uniting Builders. The support we received from President Sebastien Borget and the alliance members drove the event’s success! We are proud to be part of the BGA and are thrilled to continue pushing Web3 adoption together!”
Emmanuel Drouin, Co-founder and COO — Liteflow

BGA member aelf, a leading Layer 1 public blockchain, also hosted a side event, inviting guests to enter into the spirit of the Grand Prix with a friendly go-kart competition coinciding with aelf’s new gaming vertical launch, aelevate.

All in all, this was a hugely successful event for BG, where we made numerous industry connections, gave visibility to our members, and were present at one of the highlight web3 events of the year.

About Blockchain Game Alliance
The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. Our goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games.
The BGA provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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