BGA Makes an Epic Debut at Tokyo Game Show 2023

Four days and over 200,000 visitors later, BGA’s first year at Tokyo Game Show 2023 was a huge success. It was an excellent opportunity for us to pursue our mission to raise awareness of blockchain gaming, as well as enable our members to showcase at the booth. It also allowed the BGA to gain broader exposure in one of the key gaming markets in the world.

Key Takeaways
With several projects and games at the booth, BGA members, and other web3 gaming booths dotted around the event, blockchain games, tooling, and infrastructure are starting to make their mark at traditional gaming events!

Tokyo Game Show brings consumers and businesses into one arena, which is great for projects to showcase to both audiences in one mega-conference!

Positioned side by side with web2 games, blockchain games are simply part of the show without differentiation, demonstrating that these games are equally as exciting and accessible for users to play! Some games offered the bonus of winning a digital collectible, giving users a new experience and soft entry into the web3 environment!

BGA received lots of interest and curiosity from media, industry professionals, and players, giving us a chance to fulfill our mission and put forward the benefits of blockchain-based games, with many opportunities to demonstrate and discuss ‘Why blockchain for gaming!’

At the booth
Several awesome projects joined us at the booth Curvegrid and Pacific Meta, who both supported the BGA with Japanese-speaking booth attendees, HAECHI LABS, Pocket Forest, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (PlayMining), and

Several BGA members hosted their own booths throughout the vast halls, including Cross The AgesRed Door DigitalUbisoftAcxynQuurkFractal.isDigital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (PlayMining)OasysAnimoca BrandsREADYgg, and SQUARE ENIX with a mega booth!

From left to right: William Metcalfe, Curvegrid, Melanie Dow, BGA, Hideaki Uehara, Square Enix, Maude Perrin, BGA

Other Events and Activities

DCentral Tokyo
Kicking off the week in Tokyo with DCentral and their first event in Asia, DCentral Tokyo brought together the Japanese web3 community for a 2-day event.

BGA’s Maude PERRIN and Board Member Christina Macedo presented BGA to kick off the web3 gaming track at DCENTRAL Conferences’ first Tokyo event

Maude Perrin, BGA & Christina Macedo, BGA Board Member and Co-founder at

Tokyo Blockchain Game Blast hosted by CoinMusme, ​Pacific Meta, and Oasys, featuring ​Infinity Ventures Crypto, ​GMO, and ​Immutable.
This prestigious event gathered many prominent players in the web3 gaming space, both internationally and within the Japanese and Asian web3 gaming communities. BGA had the opportunity to network, make new connections, and solidify our presence in the Asia blockchain gaming space. Pacific Meta, BGA mem,bers, and partners for Japan organized a great event in collaboration with their partners.

BGA Side event
Alongside Elixir Games and Telos Blockchain Network, BGA co-hosted a side event in central Tokyo, with BGA moderating a panel discussion, followed by a networking evening.

The panel discussion on Disrupting gaming through web3 looked at some of the innovations in the web3 gaming space and the impact of the future of gaming.

It also allowed us to network and connect with the wider web3 gaming community and other attendees working in the space.

Bandai Namco Investor Party
It was interesting to attend this event, which brought us closer to key players in the traditional gaming space and enabled us to connect and give visibility to the BGA, its mission, and our work with our members.

Giving visibility to our members and pursuing our mission is an integral part of what we do, and events such as this give us a chance to shine and raise further awareness of blockchain gaming!

We couldn’t be more excited for the future of our industry and working with more projects to continue highlighting the exciting potential of blockchain gaming!

The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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