BGA in May: Web3 Gaming Global Events

Saturday 25th of May: VivaTech – Paris

BGA will be at VivaTech Paris on Saturday, the 25th of May, with a booth hosting several web3 games, and our team will be on hand to raise awareness and discuss the innovations found in the blockchain gaming space.

Booth Activities

Join us in Hall 2 at booth S02 and explore the latest in gaming technology and experience innovative gameplay first-hand. Our booth will feature interactive demos and insights from games and projects that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in web3 gaming, and participate in the POAP – The Proof of Attendance Protocol Quest.

Games at the Booth:
With a mix of games across platforms and genres, come and check out the projects joining us at the booth: Metafight, Cometh, Oxya Origin, Cross The Ages, BadMad Robots, Dogami, Defit, Virstate.

NFT Lisbon Side Event with Gaming Hub x Web3 Hub LisboaTuesday, 28 May

Join us in Lisbon, where we will co-host Game Wave Lisboa with Gaming Hub and Newly launched Web3 Hub Lisboa! Come and play web3 games, meet some of the pioneers in the space, and take part as we celebrate the advent and advancements of web3 gaming.

Games Demo Station: Come and experience My Neighbor Alice, Qudo by Blockbastards, The Last Monarchy and Blackpool Finance.

Panel discussion: Dive into the web3 ecosystem as we discuss ‘Innovative game design in Web3’ to discuss the intersection of blockchain and gaming. Joining the panel: Akilesh Babu, BD at Aura, Andy Alekhin, Quantum Rift Labs building The OCT, Narcisse Verger, Advisor at Blackpool Finance, and Joseph Turner, Chief Esports Officer at Gaimin.

BGA president and Co-founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, will join us for a short presentation about some of the BGA’s latest and upcoming activities. 

Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals, enthusiasts, and pioneers. This event is a chance to build valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities in the web3 gaming space. Meet the people behind the projects, explore the possibilities within the Web3 and gaming Hubs, and discover the BGA’s mission and the challenges, solutions, and possibilities within the web3 gaming space.

Join us for this exciting event in the heart of Lisbon’s Web3 and Gaming communities and sign up here!

We look forward to seeing you at both events! 🚀

Consensus 2024 – Austin -Texas

While BGA will not attend Consensus this year, several members will be present, organizing cool events, insightful discussions, and lots of opportunities to meet the teams and network with professionals in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Side events hosted by BGA Members:

🚀 Eat, Drink, Play, Repeat. Scaling Games & RWA on EVM chains – May 29th
hosted by Laos Network x Elixir x Polkadot Play

💡 The Future of Tech: OnTrend OnChain – May 29th
hosted by Orbis86 x GNUS.AI

🎉 Unstoppable Women of Web3 and AI at Consensus – May 29th
Unstoppable WOW3, Push Protocol, Women in Tech® Global and Unstoppable Domains invite you to a morning dedicated to networking and education.

🌟 Unstoppable Partner Event at Consensus – May 29th 
Unstoppable Domains invites you to an exclusive invite-only afternoon VIP Partner Meetup. Come grab a drink and mingle. 

🎮 Web3 Gaming Mixer – Date: May 30th
Organized by Sonic, CARV, Yuliverse, TopHash

👾 Fully On-chain Game Lunch – May 31st
A Web3 Gaming Mixer Hosted by DelphinusLab and co-hosted by ZKCross, Metis, and Sonic.

You can find out more about upcoming events and news from our members in the latest BGA Magazine or pick up a physical copy at the N Suite Booth #1010 at Consensus 2024 and at Eat-Drink-Play-Repeat by Laos Network x Elixir x Polkadot Play. If you would like to connect with our team to discuss synergies, please get in touch. We look forward to seeing you somewhere soon!

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