Breaking the Mold: BGA Member, Stability Unveils New Blockchain with No Crypto & No Fees

BGA is always excited by the innovative solutions our members are developing. This article features the work Stability is doing within the blockchain gaming space, which aims to facilitate user acquisition by reducing some of the friction in onboarding new mainstream users. Breaking the mold, Stability is building a protocol that will benefit both game developers and users, enabling broader adoption of blockchain gaming.

The fusion of blockchain and gaming has always sparked curiosity and promise. Yet, the reality often falls short. Cumbersome onboarding, variable costs (such as gas fees), and regulatory hurdles all prevent blockchain tech from reaching mass scale.

Well, what if you could harness the power of the blockchain without these pain points?

Enter Stability, a game-changing, tokenless blockchain erasing the fee barrier and crypto complexities. Stability is ushering in a new era — where gameplay and data ownership take center stage.

Core Benefits of the Stability Tokenless Blockchain:

  • Stability simplifies the user experience by eliminating all crypto-related steps, with no need to buy or hold tokens to interact on the blockchain.
  • Free transactions — pushing data to the blockchain is as easy as one click, with no fees or wallets involved.
  • With no token economy putting constraints on data capacity, Stability can scale to support the full vision of on-chain gaming (10x more throughput than traditional blockchains).

Elevating Gaming and Development

Stability empowers game publishers to creatively engage and enrich the player experience without the constraints of a mandatory token economy.

With nearly unlimited capacity to securely and reliably store data, as well as interactive data visualization tools, Stability is the ideal choice for gathering, tracking, and analyzing gameplay data. The data advantage is recognized by one of Stability’s (soon to be announced) partners: a premier web3 gaming infrastructure and integration platform.

The Stability platform provides an interoperable and trustworthy digital ownership avenue for in-game assets, as well as a cost-effective solution to combat piracy. Game creators can easily integrate Stability’s blockchain technology, ensuring fixed operational costs and relieving game developers from the financial burden of escalating transaction fees experienced on other crypto-dependent blockchains.

Web3 Gaming Needs Unlimited Scalability

Stability’s approach to scalability is a game-changer in the blockchain world. Unlike other blockchain networks, where scaling up can devalue their tokens by reducing demand, Stability’s design inherently supports growth without affecting any token price — because there isn’t one.

Without the limitations of a token economy, the Stability network expands freely to meet demand, ensuring a seamless experience for users and developers alike, no matter the scale of operations. Point in case, the current gas limit per block on the testnet is 300M, which is 10x the capacity of traditional crypto-dependent blockchains — and there’s plenty more space to grow.

Stability has also partnered with Hyperarc to revolutionize the way data is utilized and visualized in Web3. On Stability, you’ll be able to craft custom, codeless, interactive dashboards that bring data to life for anyone, regardless of their technical background.

Hyperarc allows for bespoke decoding, transforming complex data into comprehensive and strategic insights. This empowers users on Stability to blend their confidential off-chain data with public on-chain metrics, embedding rich, real-time data visualizations directly into their operational and analytical workflows.

Stability — the First Tokenless Public Blockchain — is Available Now

Don’t let the price of a blockchain token dictate the success of your game. Stability is an entirely new class of tokenless blockchain — built to simplify onboarding and eliminate cost barriers.

Stability is live in testnet right now. Catch Stability at the upcoming New Member Presentation on Nov 10, 2023, to discover the benefits of building on Stability.

Build without limits — Get started on the Stability testnet today!

About Stability Protocol
Stability is the first tokenless public blockchain, built by mission-driven industry veterans. Stability removes complexities and unlocks an unparalleled on-chain user experience that is simple and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. No cryptocurrency, no transaction fees required.

The Stability platform ushers in a new era of unlimited composability, regulatory clarity, and a one-click blockchain user experience.

About Blockchain Gaming Alliance
Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. Our goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games.

With over 500 members, the BGA provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge, collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

You can discover more about Stability and other innovative projects within the BGA in the New Members Presentation, where new BGA members present their projects so that we can find out more about who they are and what they do.

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