Collaborative Quest: BGA Members Sequence and Flooftopia Level Up the Gaming Experience

As an organization with a mission to raise awareness, promote, and advance blockchain technologies for gaming, the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) is delighted about this exciting partnership between its members.

The collaboration between Flooftopia and Sequence Wallet combines an innovative and personalized Floof minting process with a seamless smart wallet solution to enable a flawless user journey.

Flooftopia: A Unique MMORPG Experience
Flooftopia is a fun-loving social online RPG that blends classic MMORPG elements, cooperative gameplay, and the charm of adorable Floofs who explore the world in which they are immersed. What sets Flooftopia apart is its pioneering Build-an-NFT Technology, which allows players and developers to customize characters with features like head, ears, mouth, and more through the Modular Character Creator (MCC). This exciting use of technology facilitates the creation and customization of unique NFTs with a simple setup, can easily integrate into any developer’s project, and is compatible with any blockchain featuring NFT capabilities.

Flooftopia Teams Up with Sequence Wallet
Flooftopia’s launch of the customizable and modular NFT creator is taking a leap and integrating the Sequence Wallet. The collaboration aims to release 1000 unique Floof NFTs upon game launch, each featuring distinctive rarity traits, providing the community an opportunity to build and interact with exclusive Floof NFTs. To ensure a secure and seamless process, the minting of these NFTs will be exclusively accessible through the Sequence Wallet.

Sequence Wallet: Enabling Seamless Transactions in Web3 Gaming
The Flooftopia and Sequence partnership highlights several advancements for players with little web3 gaming experience.

Players can create a non-custodial, multi-chain smart contract wallet using their social accounts or email in just two clicks, making it easy to onboard into the Flooftopia.

Floof fans are able to use their credit and debit cards to purchase NFTs and buy in-game and digital items through a purchasing process familiar to web2 game titles, thanks to the Sequence Wallet.

Thanks to account abstraction, Sequence Wallet also enables developers to batch and sponsor transactions, reducing gas fees and lowering efforts for both their team and players.

Finally, digital collections can be displayed in a single interface and accessed through player accounts at any time and via any web browser, desktop, or mobile device. This partnership of ingenuity and smart solutions makes for a seamless experience from minting to purchasing digital items.

BGA: Advancements for Web3 Gaming
As an alliance and professional network, The Blockchain Game Alliance works with members across the web3 gaming ecosystem to raise awareness, promote, and advance blockchain technology for gaming. As a fledging industry, such collaborations enable blockchain-based games to become easily accessible and provide a seamless web3 experience for any user to play and enjoy.

Aligned with the BGA’s goals and vision, Flooftopia and Sequence’s partnership reflects the BGA’s mission to support members to collaborate and combine solutions to create enjoyable, easy-to-access blockchain-based games that offer a high-quality user experience. This enables use cases that can help the industry as a whole, enabling wider adoption of blockchain technology in games.

You can learn more about Flooftopia and Sequence’s work together in our recent Demo Day — and find more information about the BGA’s activities here.

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