Istanbul 2124 Game Jam: Dreaming the Future of Istanbul Together

Istanbul, 24-26 May 2024 – The Istanbul 2124 Game Jam, organised in collaboration with The Sandbox, StartGate, and YTU GamesUp, offers participants the opportunity to shape the future of Istanbul, a city that has hosted many civilisations throughout history, by bringing together technology and creativity.

This exciting event provides a unique platform for students and game developers to showcase their visions of Istanbul in the year 2124. The Game Jam will take place at StartGate Maslak on May 24-26, 2024. Participants will redesign the history, streets, skyline, and culture of Istanbul in The Sandbox metaverse world.

The Istanbul 2124 Game Jam aspires to host a transformative journey aimed at shaping the future of a city renowned as one of the world’s most significant cultural and historical centers. Beyond being a mere game development event, it aims to be a platform where participants engage in reimagining the destiny of Istanbul, a city steeped in rich heritage and promise. Participants will utilize diverse gamification strategies within The Sandbox metaverse to interpret Istanbul’s future a century from now. Drawing inspiration from the present, they aim to enrich the cultural tapestry of Istanbul with a plethora of rich content.

Throughout the Game Jam, participants will unleash their creativity by using The Sandbox’s free Game Maker and VoxEdit tools to craft and refine their own experiences.

Total Prize Pool: 30.000 SAND:

  • 1st Place  : 6,500 SAND + 1×1 LAND
  • 2nd Place: 3,500 SAND + 1×1 LAND
  • 3rd Place : 1,500 SAND + 1×1 LAND
  • 7 X Honourable Mention Awards: Each 500 SAND
  • Prize Pool After Experience Publication: 15.000 SAND
  • Participants will have the opportunity to receive additional SAND rewards based on the average ratings their individual experiences garner following the self-publication process.

The Istanbul 2124 Game Jam, a collaborative effort among The Sandbox, StartGate, and YTU GamesUP, transcends being a mere game development event. It stands as a platform for showcasing Turkey’s young talents on the global stage, solidifying its role as a significant player in the international gaming community.

Significant Dates:

  • May 14: Application Deadline
  • May 15: Announcement of Accepted Applicants
  • May 20-21-22-23: VoxEdit Workshops and Game Maker Workshops on Discord
  • May 24: Opening Ceremony
  • May 24-26: Game Jam
  • May 26: Presentations and Announcement of Results


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