Key Takeaways from ETHDenver: Pixels, Pints & Web3 Gaming

BGA headed to ETHDenver to check out the event and see what’s happening in the Web3 gaming ecosystem there. In addition, we hosted our side event, Pixels & Pints, alongside ​ & Unioverse by Random Games). The event saw over 150 attendees join us for a series of panel discussions and game demos.

“Attending and co-hosting the recent gaming event with BGA and other partners was an absolute thrill! The passion and innovation in the arena were amazing, showcasing the bright future of gaming in Web3. Events like these remind us why we love this industry. A big thank you to everyone involved!”
Harshit Gangwar, Head of Marketing & Investor Relations at Transak

Key takeaways from our time at ETHDenver:

  • It was exciting to see such a strong community coming together. The main event leveraged Blockchain technology with many innovative immersive experiences and quests to engage the audience, creating a fun and immersive experience.
  • The main event seemed to primarily consist of products, tooling and infrastructure, with gaming projects in a minority. This showed that there was space for advancement and work needed to bring web3 gaming into the main arena.
  • The hackathon, which takes place alongside the main event, attracts some of the most innovative professionals to the event. BGA member Cometh participated in the hackathon and was selected for the top 15 prizes. The winners are still to be announced.

“At EthDenver, our team collaborated to create Storylus, an optimistic on-chain indexer fueled by storage proofs and the Arbitrum stack (stylus and nitro). This protocol grants permissionless access to Ethereum’s complete historical data. EthDenver provided us with invaluable learning experiences and networking opportunities, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and creativity.”
Aurelien Godderis, Core Team | Cometh

During Pixels and Pints, we hosted two panel discussions to look at different aspects of web3 gaming. We gathered speakers from different types of projects to share their views and knowledge in these discussions.

Panel 1: How On-Chain Gaming Is Poised for Mass Adoption? This session invited speakers Tony Harman, Co-founder & CEO of Random Games Company Inc., Kenneth Hurley, CEO of GNUS.AI, and Alex Taylor, Founder of Chirper, moderated by Jack O’Holleran, CEO & Co-Founder of SKALE Labs.

Panel 2: The Next Phase of Improving Gameplay and User Experience in Blockchain Gaming brought together Wyeth Ridgway, Founder and CTO of Random Games Company Inc.Sami Start, Co-Founder and CEO at Transak, and Alex Casassovici, Founder of Azarus, for an insightful discussion moderated by Leah Callon-Butler, Director of Emfarsis and Blockchain Game Alliance board member.

In addition, SKALE and Transak capitalized on the event to announce their partnership, and both CEOs, Jack O’Holleran and Sami Start discussed the details in a fireside chat about how their projects can support the advancement of Web3 gaming.

As the first time we attended Eth Denver, we experienced a fresh approach to engaging audiences at the conference, the innovation and buzz brought about by the hackathon, and also engaging more varied projects in attendance. Our dedicated web3 gaming event was the perfect opportunity to gather the web3 gaming community in one venue during the many activities.

You can read more about our events and projects in the February Magazine. Look out for our next stop at GDC San Francisco! We will organize various activities during this global game developer conference, from Web3 game demos to panel discussions over brunch.

Stay tuned to our LinkedIn and X for more details!

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