Key Takeaways from NFT Paris: A Web3 Gaming Perspective

We started NFT Paris Week with our flagship BGA Connects event in collaboration with aelf and Aavegotchi. An explosive web3 gaming event, the afternoon saw over 160 attendees join us for a range of activities across the ecosystem, from panel discussions to game demos and networking.
Bringing world-class speakers to the stage, we hosted several panel discussions to look at trending topics in the web3 space.

BGA Connects is our signature event, which hosts several activities over the course of an afternoon. We were able to bring to the stage world-class speakers and pioneers such as Yat Siu, Animoca Brands, Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox and BGA President, and Nicolas Gilot, CEO of Ultra, and BGA Honorary Board Member, to share their thoughts and vision for 2024, as well as key team members from some of the most innovative projects in the web3 gaming space.

Gathering the community to provide value and vision for the future is one of our core objectives, and we are delighted to be able to host prominent speakers who are leading the industry to share their opinions and the way forward as we drive the industry forward together.

Key Takeaways.

  • We are at the heart of one of the most dynamic verticals in the Blockchain industry. The intersection of gaming and Blockchain is creating exciting opportunities and use cases of integrating blockchain in various ways while having the ability to onboard non-Web3 natives.
  • Looking at trends, challenges and solutions, we can see that the technology is still evolving and taking shape. Exciting projects are developing cutting-edge solutions games and surrounding tooling and infrastructure to facilitate Web3 gaming. We are on the cusp of explosive growth, and it’s exciting to see this coming together at our Web3 gaming-dedicated events.
Ranging conversations with guest speakers, including a guest panel (image 2) with Yat Siu, Animoca Brands, Nicolas Gilot, Ultra & Sebastien Borget, CO-founder of The Sandbox and BGA President

Daria Bogatyreva from Wert commented on one of the panel discussions to share her views and feedback on the event:

Daria Bogatyreva on LinkedIn: “Let’s not underestimate the psychological effect of owning an NFT…

“Let’s not underestimate the psychological effect of owning an NFT. It is a very special feeling to own an NFT. If you…

  • The pitch sessions are a valuable addition to our events and provide the perfect opportunity for projects to receive feedback from key industry leaders and broader exposure to VCs. We are delighted to be able to provide this platform in various formats throughout our upcoming events.
    During this session, projects Ordz GamesOxya OriginTOCD StudioGall3ryThe Last Monarchy21BJGokaden, and Octo pitched their deck to a room of investors and key industry leaders. The winner walked away with a prize from La Lupa which will be announced next week.
  • Networking always proves an invaluable and integral part of our events and opens discussions for collaboration and growth within the ecosystem.

“BGA events uniquely connects crypto folks around a common passion for gaming. There’s no better place to share laughs play-testing games while diving into tokenomics!”
Alexander Casassovici, CEO |

  • The gaming station brings a real element of fun, creating a full spectrum immersive experience. BGA members Oxya OriginGizmosCosmik BattleBadMad RobotsIntraverse, and Aavegotchi brought demos across a variety of games, giving attendees the chance to get their hands on web3 games and test drive the experience. This element of the event proves to be an invaluable way to inform the curious as well as professionals who want to explore the innovative ways they can integrate blockchain-based elements.

“As the founder of a game studio and a member of the BGA for one year now, I cannot fully express all the gratitude I have for the team. BGA is working wonders by hosting the best events in the space and connecting industry leaders together. NFT Paris week this year was no exception; we really enjoyed the networking, panel discussions, and, of course, the opportunity to showcase the game we are building.”
Slava Mikhalkin, CEO | Acid Rainbow & BadMad Robots

As part of our mission to raise awareness across the web3 and traditional gaming space, connect with game developers, and inform users, we will attend conferences such as the Hamburg Games Conference between the 5 to 6th of March and GDC, one of the largest game developer conferences taking place in San Francisco between the 18th and 22nd March.

In addition to our own event, we also participated in a number of side events to share our view as a community of gaming professionals of Web3 gaming professionals.

  • The Parallan event organized by one of the most anticipated web3 games, Parallel, a gaming extravaganza, invited attendees to participate in a live tournament.

During the event, We had the privilege to lead two conversations around Web3 Gaming, bringing our ecosystem but also inviting key opinion leaders in the space, such as Yellow Panther and Fanfaron.

  • At NFTVerse, organized by Liteflow in collaboration with WertMy Neighbor Alice and Grapes, BGA joined the discussion, diving into an in-depth conversation on NFTs’ emerging use cases, deployments, ease, and integration.

We are done with NFTverse, but in reality, we have just begun! 🔥 As co-hosts of the prestigious #NFTverse event at NFT Paris, our purpose was clear. ✅

  • To top off our activities in Paris, BGA’s Flavien Defraire presented a keynote at NFT Paris, outlining the BGA State of the Industry Report and what we see in 2024. Participating in NFT Paris was another great way to participate in a prominent web3 event and raise the visibility of the report’s findings with a wider audience.

Paris has a vibrant community across a number of verticals. NFT Paris has always been one of the best NFT events in Europe. This year saw a lot of art and fashion, with not such a huge gaming presence. However, the projects that had booths took the opportunity to make some major announcements.

Yuga Labs, alongside Game Studio Faraway, capitalized on NFT Paris to announce the free-to-play release of Dooky Dash — BGA’s Flavien Defraire commented:

“This shows a willingness to give awareness to NFTs and community through gaming, through tournaments, that are open to everyone, not only the bored ape yacht club holders and this exciting for fostering wider adoption.”

Animoca brands hosted a large booth showcasing games from their vast ecosystem, such as The Sandbox and TinyTap. One example that caught attention in the space is Revv Motorsport. The motorsports game recently announced that partners can use their in-game assets, vehicles, and cars in the Revv World, which is an interesting development in terms of NFT interoperability.

To sum up the week of activities, aelf’s Linda Ang commented:

“aelf’s participation at NFT Paris week was marked by excitement and innovation as we got to showcase our expertise in blockchain innovation and connect with the Web3 and NFT community. From hosting the Web3 Gaming Happy Hour at The Sandbox, to the BGA x aelf Connects Paris event, and culminating at NFT Paris, it was definitely an action-packed week for aelf and we would like to extend our gratitude to our partners, including Blockchain Game Alliance, and the participants who have joined us at our events. This experience reaffirms our commitment to propelling the Web3 gaming and NFT revolution forward, nurturing a more inclusive and diverse blockchain ecosystem.”

NFT Paris and the various side events enabled us to meet the wider blockchain community, raise awareness around web3 gamings with hands-on demos and provide a space for the community to network, share ideas, and iterate the next generation of blockchain-based games.

“The event in Paris hosted by the Blockchain Game Alliance was incredible! I was impressed by the lively vibe and the exciting atmosphere created by Maude and her team. All the founders who spoke were really interesting, pioneers of the market and made me feel very optimistic about the future of web3 gaming. The event was incredibly good organized and executed, making it one of the best networking events in the web3 gaming world. Additionally, I was blown away by the high-quality content presented, showcasing the expertise and innovation of the speakers. The gaming area where they showcased the games was really cool, and it was evident how much talent and creativity the builders out there have, pushing web3 gaming to another level. Big thumbs up to BGA for putting together such a fantastic event!”
Soheyla Haghighi , Co-founder | Intraverse

You can read the magazine to learn more

Join our upcoming event at Pixels & Pints during ETHDenver and BGA Connects Hong Kong, and keep an eye on our socials for announcements about activities during GDC in San Francisco and Token2049 Dubai in April.

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