Navigating User Acquisition Challenges in Web3 Gaming

Navigating User Acquisition Challenges in Web3 Gaming

The web3 landscape presents a myriad of opportunities for innovation in the gaming industry, but with those opportunities come unique challenges, particularly in user acquisition. In a recent panel discussion titled “User Acquisition: Challenges and Solutions in the Current Web3 Landscape,” industry experts Travis Anderson from Trophy and Mieszko from THX Network dive into the issues and innovative solutions surrounding user acquisition in web3 gaming.

The Speakers
Mieszko Czyzyk, Co-founder and CEO of THX Network leverages his digital advertising background to aid game studios in user acquisition and retention by integrating digital assets, in-game items, and NFT to incentivize players. THX Network streamlines the user experience by offering infrastructure for questing, interfaces for rewards, and wallet support, enhancing accessibility.

With over 11 years in gaming user acquisition, Travis Anderson co-founded Trophy, An innovative mobile game launcher that seamlessly connects web2 and web3 games. Users can earn virtual currency as rewards for every minute played and convert this virtual currency into various cryptocurrencies, offering tangible incentives for user engagement.

The Challenge: User Acquisition in Web3

Looking at insights from the latest BGA State of the Industry Report reveals that 35.4% of respondents consider user acquisition a significant challenge in the current web3 landscape. This challenge has persisted since the BGA’s initial report in 2021, emphasizing the ongoing challenge of seamlessly onboarding users into the web3 gaming experience.

Core Challenges:

  • With a current lack of players, UA is key to bringing new players into the ecosystem.
  • What are the right channels to connect with these users?
  • Who replaces the role of traditional publishers?
  • Verbiage and educate users about web3 concepts without overwhelming them.

Both experts emphasized the importance of making the user experience seamless and fun, avoiding the pitfall of presenting overly complicated systems.

“The key is to make web3 gaming so seamless that users don’t even realize they are engaging with a web3 game, contributing to the mass adoption of these innovative experiences.”
Travis Anderson | Trophy

Web3 Gaming: Beyond the Web3 Audience
Community plays a significant role in the web3 ecosystem yet forms a small part of the market when it comes to gaming.

Travis believes that challenging the industry norm of exclusively targeting the web3 gaming audience, which currently represents less than 1% of the gaming community, and expanding the user base by acquiring traditional web2 users will make the transition to web3 gaming more seamless and natural.

“If you really want to up your game as a game studio, you need to have a view of: Where are my users coming from? How do they convert to a digital wallet or an account? And what’s the lifetime value being created?
Mieszko Czyzyk | THX Network

Exciting Developments and Future Outlook
Exploring exciting developments that could significantly impact web3 gaming and increase user acquisition in the year ahead:

  • Google Play and Apple’s growing acceptance of web3 functionality has the potential to open up new avenues for user acquisition.
  • The emergence of gaming-specific blockchains and players’ adoption of these technologies could lead to a surge in active users, transforming the web3 gaming landscape.
  • Both Panellists share their passion and vision of a future where web3 gaming becomes an integral part of the gaming industry, reaching a broader audience beyond the current ecosystem.

The conversation unpacks the current challenges in web3 gaming user acquisition, the innovative solutions, and continued efforts to make web3 gaming more accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive. As technological advancements and policy changes pave the way for a more web3-friendly environment, the future of user acquisition in web3 gaming holds promise for widespread adoption and growth.

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