October at the BGA — The Recap

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, October has been another exciting month, and BGA continues to grow and advance its mission:
This month:

  • We closed our annual industry survey with a record number of respondents.
  • BGA launched its first Spanish-speaking demo day
  • 1 New Member’s Presentation and 2 Demo Days, hosting seven members to demo their games and services.
  • Onboarded 18 new members.

After a busy month of events in September, at both Token2049, Singapore, and Tokyo Game Show, Japan, BGA heads to San Fran for GamesBeat NEXT. This event gathers game developers, publishers, investors, executives, and industry visionaries to connect with the broader gaming community and connect with members who attended the event.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn

The BGA and its members are all set for GamesBeat, one of the best gatherings for game developers, publishers, investors…

The BGA shared a booth with its members Aavegotchi, showing their two new games, and Halliday, presenting our mission and activities to the gaming industry.

We also took this occasion to strengthen our relationship and discuss 2024’s objectives with US-based BGA members such as Persona3One Earth Rising, and Azarus during a side event made possible by Ankita Verma, founder of Persona3, and Alex Casassovici, Azarus’ founder and CEO.

Zebu Live London
BGA moderated the first panel discussion of the day on the main stage to talk about how web3 games can reach mass adoption with guest speakers from Shrapnel, PlayEmber, and Tezos. You can read the key takeaways here:

How Web3 games can reach mass adoption 🔥 BGA panelists share insights and insights! | Blockchain…

Yesterday, BGA had the pleasure of taking to the stage at Zebu Live – London Web3 Conference to moderate a panel on…

You can also watch the full replay here:

This month’s BGA magazine features some insightful articles from our members who share their knowledge and expertise on specific topics:
A Case for Interoperability by One Earth Rising
IP opportunity in video games by Spaceport
Decentralized Cloud Solutions by Aleph.im
Power up with effective on-chain player achievements and rewards by Ready.gg

You can read the magazine here, and you can view our Magazine back catalog here.

Other articles
In case you missed the recap of our Asia tour, you can catch the highlights in the following articles to find out our key takeaways, who joined us, and the side events we organized and attended in collaboration with BGA members and key players in the ecosystem.
BGA at Token2049, One of the Headline Events of the Year.
BGA makes an Epic Debut at Tokyo Game Show.

Online Activities
If you couldn’t attend the Liteflow NFTVerse event during token2049 to watch the BGA presentation, we have you covered! You can catch the replay as BGA’s president, Sebastien Borget, speaks about the BGA, our activities, our mission, and the upcoming State of the Industry Survey Report 2023. Watch the replay here.

Blockchain Game Alliance on LinkedIn: The Blockchain Game Alliance: An Exclusive Presentation by…

BGA President BORGET Sebastien takes to the stage to present the Blockchain Game Alliance at Liteflow’s NFTVerse…

New Members Presentation (NMP)
Each month, we welcome new members into the BGA and invite them to pitch their game, product, or service in the NMP.

This month, we hosted THX Network, LiteflowMeta IslandPersona, and Blocklabs in October’s New Members Presentation.

Demo Day
This is another exciting opportunity for BGA members to demo and showcase the projects they are working on. This month, we presented two demo days.

Part 1 saw Block BastardsAavegotchi, and Meta Island demo their new games and products. You can watch the replay here.

Demo Day Part 2 featured FIO ProtocolChainSafe, and GameOn presenting Karake Combat and Flooftopia, who introduced their games and services.

Spanish-Speaking Demo Day
BGA Board member and Ibero-Latam representative Mariano Rubinstein and our Latam representative Luis Diego Rojas hosted the first edition of Spanish-speaking demo day featuring Soundpickr and Apollo Entertainment presenting Satoshiverse.

Event Highlights
You can also watch the eagerly awaited Gamescom rewind, which highlights our booth activities, members, and events during the most prominent annual Game Show in Europe.

New Company Members
BGA would like to welcome the new company members who became part of the community this month.
AuraOpenfort1bitlabDCAP LtdEngines of FuryWeb3 No ReFlying Cactus LimitedFirebondGekkoPolemosAzarusRuneTrophyTeknos AssociatesAurus, and Argos Identity.

What’s Next?
BGA will be at WebSummit Lisbon, with a booth and side event in collaboration with Swissborg on the 15th of November featuring a fireside chat with BGA president and Co-founder and COO at The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget and Swissborg co-founder and CEO Cyrus, among panel discussions, networking and topping off the evening with one of the hottest beats in town.

About Blockchain Game Alliance
The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. Our goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games.
The BGA provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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