Riding the Wave of Web3 Gaming: Key Takeaways from Token2049 Dubai

Token2049 Dubai emerged as a beacon of resilience and innovation amidst unforeseen challenges, proving that neither storm nor flood could dampen the spirit of attendees. As roads became rivers and social media buzzed with weather updates, the main event was by no means a washout, demonstrating the determination of the web3 community, who have weathered many a crypto wave! 

Drawing attendees from the four worlds of the world, Token2049 Dubai showcased the vibrant and diverse landscape of the web3 ecosystem. The conference was a buzz of energy as professionals gathered to connect and collaborate with a common goal of advancing blockchain technology and its myriad applications.

Key Takeaways from Token2049 Dubai

  • The industry is at a positive point, with the bullish market sentiment resonating across ecosystems and garnering increased interest in web3 gaming.
  • We met professionals from across the industry who are turning to web3 gaming as the best use case for blockchain technology and recognizing this vertical as having high potential for mass adoption.
  • The audience was varied, as were the keynotes and panel discussions. These highlighted some of the most recent news, trends, and challenges in the web3 industry, with numerous thought leaders sharing their perspectives on a variety of topics, from DeFi to gaming.

The BGA Booth
At the heart of the action, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) booth emerged as a hub of activity, showcasing six games and product demos from BGA members over the course of the two-day event. 

BGA Members with games and demos at the booth: BGA Members with games and demos at the booth: Forest Knight by Chrono Games, IconX. World, DOGAMÍ, Aura, Ponchiqs, Eldarune by Diga Lab, OXYA ORIGIN, and Bad Mad Robots by Acid Rainbow.

“It was awesome to showcase our game and merchandise at the BGA booth during Token2049. Connecting with potential partners was incredibly valuable, and being part of your booth was an amazing experience.”  – Berk Dogan, Co-Founder& COO | Ponchiqs

“It was an honor to share the Blockchain Gaming Alliance’s booth as a proud member of the family. Thanks to the BGA, this incredible opportunity allowed us to meet ecosystem leaders and amazing builders, forging wonderful connections. We are looking forward to meeting again at the next event.”
– İlker Ünsal, Co-founder | Diga Labs

Throughout the conference, we had the pleasure of meeting professionals spanning the web3 ecosystem who all have a common interest in exploring the web3 gaming ecosystem as the biggest usecase for blockchain. 

“Participating in Token2049 at the BGA booth was a great experience. We enjoyed reconnecting with current partners and meeting potential new ones, as well as engaging with investors during the pitch session and side events. It was truly valuable to be included in your booth. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Behfar Iranmanesh, Founder | Forest Knight

We had a wealth of other activities at the booth with the BGA:
PoC NFT Mint – Powered by Liteflow, was an activation enabling new connections to get closer to the BGA community and have the chance to win a free 1-year individual membership by minting a Proof of Connection NFT by snapping a shot with a member of the BGA or the team and sharing on their socials thereby connecting to other members of the BGA network. 
If you snapped a shot with the BGA or a BGA member during token2049 Dubai, there is still time to take part in the PoC Prize Draw! Follow the link, scan the QR code, and get minting for a chance to win!

Interviews with Web3.TV
Some members had the opportunity to talk more extensively about their project and their experience at Token2049 with presenter Ornella Hernandez as she conducted interviews covering web3 gaming for Web3.TV.

Guests at the Booth
Yat Siu, Chairman for Animoca Brands, popped by to say hi, connect with some of our members, and pick up the latest edition of the BGA magazine.
Inside, there are lots of great feature pieces on the most current trends in web3 gaming. You can also find Yat Siu’s thoughts on the findings of the BGA State of the Industry Report.

The BGA Side EventSands of Play: Dubai
Co-hosted by GAM3S.GG and hosted at Cypher Capital Hub, the event gathered over 200 web3 gaming professionals in one space. The event featured gaming stations, a dynamic panel discussion, and a pitch session culminating in Moonlit Games clinching the top prize. In addition, BGA President and Co-founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, delivered a short presentation highlighting the alliance’s commitment to driving innovation and collaboration in the web3 gaming space.

It was a pleasure collaborating with BGA & Cypher Capital on co-hosting Sands of Play Dubai.
The event brought together the web3 gaming community through gaming stations & valuable networking and it was incredible to be part of. Looking forward to future BGA events & collaborations! – Omar Ghanem, Co-founder & CEO | GAM3S.GG

“Sands of Play,” hosted by the BGA during Token2049, was an absolute blast! Great panel and in the Pitch Session each project brought something exciting at the intersection of blockchain and gaming. I have to say, all the projects were fantastic! It was incredibly tough to choose a winner because each one brought something unique to the table. The event was a chance to connect with like-minded people who are just as passionate about blockchain gaming as I am.  

Massive thanks to everyone involved in making “Sands of Play” a great event. Here’s to more events like this, to innovation, more collaboration, and more epic gaming adventures ahead!
Frederico Kessler, CPO | Funfair Ventures

“The BGA Sands of Play event at Token 2049 was a total blast—I’m still riding the high from all the energy there! It was awesome to connect with so many passionate people who are shaking things up in the gaming world with Web3. I can’t wait to show off DOGAMÍ at the next event and keep pushing forward in this exciting space. Here’s to more great ideas and amazing collaborations ahead!”
Kristofer Dayne Penseyres, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer | DOGAMI

  • Panel Discussion
    Amidst the networking and gaming section, we hosted a dynamic panel discussion to unpack “To Token or Not to Token: Fundraising in Web3 Gaming during a Bull Market.” Joined by Stefan Piech, Cypher Capital, and Omar Ghanem, GAM3SGG, the discussion highlighted the speakers’ perspectives on launching in the current crypto climate and considerations from their respective fields of both gaming and investment point of view. 
  • Pitch session
    Eight BGA members pitched their projects to the audience and a panel of three judges: Frederico Kessler, Funfair Ventures, Alex Fatuliaj, Simplicity Group, and Mostafa Salem from GAM3S.GG. Opening themselves up to questions from the audience, these projects took the opportunity to pitch to a packed room of gaming professionals. The session allowed the projects to showcase their game or service, gaining visibility to the numerous VCs and investors present, as well as broader opportunities to collaborate with members of the audience and industry.

“It was an inspiring experience to be part of the event, especially during the pitch session. The Web3 gaming world was palpably vibrant, and the BGA team managed everything very professionally. There was plenty of interaction, and despite the business focus, it felt like a family atmosphere.” – Gueven Alkan, CEO & Founder | Devomon

“Big shoutout to BGA for hosting the Sands Of Play event in Dubai alongside Token2049! The event was spirited. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with inspiring entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders in web3. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Sheryl Varghese, CMO and Co Founder @ CropBytes

Each project has innovative components and utilizes the capabilities of web3, and each member who pitched was a winner in our eyes. However, it was Moonlit Games that snagged the prize as the winning pitch, bagging themselves a prize offered by Tokenomics Specialists, Nodanomics.

Congratulations to the winner of the pitch contest! You have earned an incredible prize, including a comprehensive second opinion report on tokenomics, providing you with valuable insights and strategic recommendations. Alongside this, you’ll enjoy free access to the Nodanomics platform, where you can validate and optimize your project’s tokenomics with powerful tools. These rewards will help you strengthen your project’s foundation and confidently navigate the complex world of tokenomics. Well done, and we look forward to seeing where your success takes you. Denis Bondar, CEO | Nodanomics

And a few words from the pitch contest winner, Moonlit Games:

Huge thank you to the Blockchain Game Alliance, Gam3s.gg, and Cypher Capital for the fantastic side event at Token 2049. The top-notch game demos, compelling pitches, and unforgettable venue set the stage for a remarkable event. Winning the pitch competition is not just an honor—it’s a strong validation of Moonlit Games and our design philosophy,  starting with Rogue Nation. We believe that the future of gaming hinges on creating worlds that are not only immersive but also deeply interactive and meaningful. This recognition inspires us to continue innovating and to ensure that each player’s experience is uniquely impactful. – Patrick McGrath, Co-founder | Moonlit Games

Community partner alongside GameSwift x Neo Tokyo for the Future Wave – VIP Yacht Cruise

Partnering with GameSwift and Neo Tokyo for their exclusive Yacht party was an unforgettable experience as we set sail for a sunset cruise with some of the top-tier teams in the web3 gaming ecosystem. Attendees were able to network in a relaxed setting with the Dubai skyline as a backdrop and pick up some exclusive BGA x GameSwift x NEO Tokyo branded swag!
Look out for upcoming announcements on our collaboration with GameSwift!

Other events we took part in:
W3WC (Web3 World Consortium) by The Coin Republic took place on Monday, 22nd April. The event hosted panel discussions and pitch sessions on the main stage. Bringing together a diverse cross-section of the blockchain industry. This was yet another enlightening event, during which BGA moderated a panel discussion; ‘Riding the Crypto Wave: Launching a Web3 Game in the Bull Run,’ with speakers Frederico Kessler, Funfair Ventures, Praveen Kumar, Aura, and Aigerim Omarbekova from Race Kingdom shared their thoughts and insights on the current crypto climate and its potential impact on web3 gaming.

Key takeaways: 

  • The bullish sentiment has the potential to bring more liquidity to web3 gaming.
  • Projects need to stay focused on building great games.
  • We need to maintain a long-term view and ensure that games are sustainable in terms of tokenomics and their ability to retain players (revert to point 2).

“Thank you to the Blockchain Game Alliance for inviting me to the panel on Web3 gaming. The experience was enlightening, providing a deep dive into how bull runs shape the future of gaming. It was a privilege to engage with industry experts and discuss key trends and innovations driving our field forward.” – Praveen Kumar, Co-founder and CTO | Aura

Praveen from Aura also had the opportunity to dive deeper into Aura’s solution in a recorded podcast interview during Token2049 Dubai with Voice of Crypto, which will be available to listen to <here>.

Final Thoughts
Token2049 Dubai and Sands of Play: Dubai highlighted the resilience and ingenuity of the web3 community and fostered collaboration beyond the web3 realm. As the blockchain revolution continues to unfold, BGA remains committed to its mission to promote collaboration and innovation in the dynamic world of blockchain gaming.

You can still grab the digital version of the Token2049 Magazine for the latest news and updates in the Web3 gaming ecosystem

Stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives from the Blockchain Game Alliance as we shape the future of gaming together!

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