Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month of March! (Part 2 on 28th of March 2024)

On Thursday, March 28th at 6 PM CET, we will share our stage with our new members who joined the Blockchain Game Alliance recently:
Gall3ryEmojamMagmicTrophy, and GamingWire &

Join live for an opportunity to learn and interact with our members at a Virtual Presentation featuring blockchain games, enterprises, and projects that recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our members’ projects to the community.

A live Q&A will follow the presentation. Watch live on YouTubeTwitch, and Twitter channels.


18:00–18:05 Introduction to the BGA
18:05–18:15 Gall3ry
18:15–18:25 Emojam
18:25–18:35 Magmic
18:35–18:45 Trophy
18:45–18:55 GamingWire &

Meet our Speakers

Joseph Lee, Founder & CEO at Gall3ry

He is a Korea-based serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in the SaaS domain, achieving over a 50M user base, and is now pioneering in the web3 space. With deep insights into content and technological innovations, his focus is on leveraging blockchain and decentralized technologies to redefine holder experience. As a creator, Lee articulates the potential of web3 content with compelling narratives.

Louise-Marie “LouMa” Marguet, Founder & CEO at Emojam

Louise-Marie “LouMa” Marguet has over 10 years of experience in the music industry through Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Island Records, Def Jam, and Republic Records.

An early believer in the power of online communities and digital assets as a way to help artists reach fans, LouMa launched Emojam, which enables artists to create, distribute and monetize custom music stickers where fans already are. Mary J. Blige, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani are among the artists on the platform.

Integrated into YouTube, adopted by major gamers, including Gray Still Play and Lauren Z Side, Emojam monetizes thousands of audio stickers directly to fans. LouMa is establishing Emojam as a fun and interoperable solution for IPs and creators, making them an integral part of fans’ digital journey through leading web2/web3 platforms.

LouMa holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management and a master’s degree in Marketing and Strategy from Paris Dauphine University.

Mo Agha, CEO & President at Magmic

Mo is a veteran in digital media and mobile games, with over 13 years of experience working with some
of the largest brands in the world; creating engaging, original IP that has entertained millions of players.
He’s an executive with an acute understanding of the technical, creative, and business sides of the
industry, which he uses to make fun, addictive, and profitable games. Along with being a regular speaker
at mobile game conferences worldwide; Mo enjoys sharing all that he has learned throughout his
successful career in mobile games.

Travis Anderson, Co-Founder at Trophy

Travis boasts a decade-long tenure in the rewarded gaming space. Starting at Peanut Labs over 10 years ago, he was part of the team that built out one of the first rewarded solutions for Facebook games. His career then led to Tapjoy, where he incubated new monetization solutions for gaming developers on iOS and Android. Following strategic acquisitions by Ironsource and Unity, he is now a Co-Founder at the Web3 Gaming Rewards App “Trophy,” which is re-imagining how tokenized assets can increase loyalty and engagement for gamers and game developers.

Nadav Dakner, CEO at GamingWire &

Nadav is an online marketer with more than 12 years of experience promoting blockchain and gaming brands.

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